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Friso Van S 'Star Sport' Friso Van S achieved the 'Sport' status in 2014 (riden by Alida Copeland De Jager ) after performing very well in dressage for the 2013 /2014 season. Friso Van S 'Sport' (VB) is an FPS approved foalbook stallion with breeding permission available for stud.

He arrived from the Netherlands on 24 August 2004. He is currently one of only 4 stallions that have breeding permission for 40 mares, while the rest of the foalbook stallions have breeding permission for only 20 mares. Friso Fan S became the first foalbook stallion in the world, to have a mare bred by him receiveing 'Kroon' status. Pandora v Doorndraai achieved 79.5% in her IBOP test ridden by Jolande Schreuder in February 2013.

Friso Fan S moved up to Advanced dressage in 2015 and he is trained and ridden by Alida Copland De Jager. Friso Fan S also made history in 2014 at the ' Horse of the year show' help in KEP when he was the first friesian to qualify for 'three' All Breed Supreme Championships, placing in the top five for the under saddle and winning the Supreme Single Harness.

Friso Fan S has over the years won 24 FPSSA National Championship tirles, 12 FPSSA National Reserve Championship titles as well as 23 Horse of the year Championship titles, 5 Horse of the Year Reserve Champion titles and placed in the top 5 of the Horse of the Year Supreme Championship three times. These staggeringly good results shows the quality of this superb stallion.

Friso Fan S is owned by Marlise Botes of Doorndraai Friesian Stud Web: www.doorndraaistud.co.za/ E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Friso ped















Foto 8 Friso fan S met Jolanda Schreuder












 Friso info


Horse Thomas 327-big

Friso's sire : Thomas 327

Horse Nammen 308-big

Friso's Dam Sire : Nammen 308


Horse Ygram 240-big

Friso's Grandsire : Ygram 240


Contact Details

Audrey Moolman - Stud Owner & Manager
Cell:  084 941 1330