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irraam copy



                                                                                                              Irrwisch Gf is a gorgeous Imported Cremello Oldenburg stallion owned by Wohlstand stud. Irrwisch is by Inspiration GF the only approved Palomino Oldenburg in the world and out of Buckskin Oldenburg mare, Phantasia. This will be Irrwisch first crop of foals and we and his owner Alana are very excited to see what he produces.



RIP Irrwisch GF. We were very sad to hear that Irrwisch GF has passed away recently, our sincere condolences to his owner Alana.


                                                    Gorgeous boy





Inspiration GFwas approved in March 2003 with the ZSAA and was described as being the "Star of the Approval" that day.

He completed his 70 days test in 2004 successfully.

Inspiration is the only Approved Palomino Oldenburg in the world.

Inspiration's sire Inspirant (Oldenburg Dark Chestnut born 1975 16.2H) was sired by Inschallah x who is considered one of the most influential sires in Germany, and probably after Ramzes x the second most important Anglo -Arab in modern warmblood breeding. Inschallah x was an exceptionally versatile sire, producing Top -horses for Dressage, Showjumping & Eventing, and his offspring have without exception inherited his brilliant character & rideability.

 in schallah










Inschallah was a definitive example of an Oldenburg Foundation Sire. Inschallah was a french bred 16.2H Grey who was exported from France to Oldenburg where he became the most important sire next to Furioso II at the famous Volwerk stallion station in Cappein.


He was by Isreal AA, whose sire Fantaisiste II is on the pedigrees of a number of french international showjumpers. His dam, Resena AA is by Nithard AA, a leading sire of showjumpers in France. Also on his mother's side we find the stallion Makelaar, who produced the stallion Urban, one of the most sought after stallions in Australia today.


Inschallahwas approved for breeding by the Oldenburg Verband as well as Hanoverian, Trakehner, Westfalen, Hessen and Rhineland Verbands. Inschallah is also considered a prominent influential bloodline in current Dutch horse breeding.

in schallah under saddleHe was a sire with enormous gaits... producing the current desired style of trot in Germany of a more rounded movement, with higher knee action and reaching forward stride... as opposed to the flat leg movement desired years ago. With his powerful frame and extravagant movement, Inscallah has had a big influence on modern warmblood breeding. His offspring have dominated in every aspect... auction foals, show mares, elite foals, conformation show class winners, top dressage horses and show jumpers.



Inschallah has sired Olympic medal winning dressage horses and has over 34 fully approved sons including:


  • Indonese, who under Hans -Dietmar Wolff is very successfully showing in Grand Prix Dressage and won over DM 30,000 in  dressage competition in 1990.
  • Intervall, the Puissance stallion best known for clearing the 2 meters mark several times under Achaz Von Buchwald.
  • Insider, finalist German Showjumping Championships, Verden and Reserve Champion Oldenburg Stallion Championships 1992.
  • Zucarlos, Canadian team jumper and top ranked at the Barcelona Olympics and International Grand Prix winner under Jay Hayes.
  • Ile de Bourbon, winner of the Hannoverian 6 Year Old Jumping Championships in 1991 and ridden with success by Thomas Fruhmann.
  • Inferno, the Swedish team Olympic dressage horse.
  • Mon Cherie, the Olympic Champion owned by Elizabeth Theurer-Max (Austria) who is well known for his exceptional collecting ability.
  • Ideal, one of Inschallah's offspring, born in Germany in 1985, was exported to the United States and has become one of the most popular breeding stallions in North America. Ideal has for three years running (1997, 1998 and 1999) been the number one sire of Premium foals in North America presented to the ISR/ Oldenburg NA Registry.


In Extenso, Inselfurst, Inuki, Ibikus, Im Fruhling, Inschah, Insulaner, Ilustro, Ikarus, Procureur, Istafan, International, Inspirant, Inschello, Inpello, Indigo, Inclusive, Impuls, Imperial, Impala, Iltschi, Igor, and Interpol are just a few approved stallions standing in Germany at the present time.


Inshallah also proved especially valuable as a broodmare sire, and sired 83 State Premium mares.

He has sired fillies that have produced such successful sires as:


  • Westminster, by Weltmeister, who was the sire of international showjumper Weihaiwej.
  • Rodiamant (pictured below) and Royal Diamand, both of who have been Champions at the Bundeschampionate.
  • Picasso and Very Important.


rohdiamantIn 1995, Germany’s formar Oldenburg breeding manager and former Oldenburg N.A. breeding manager, Dr. Roland Ramsauer, said Inschallah blood is currently very popular with European breeders. Inschallah’s impeccable temperament has been successfully and consistently showing up in generation after generation of his offspring.


Breeders have discovered that although there are excellent moving stallions available, there have been some problems in regards to undesirable temperaments.


Inschallah”s blood produces enormous gaits and solid conformation, but it also produces very suitable sports horse temperaments.


Inschallah won the stallion performance test in Adelheidsdorf in 1972 and his career as a stallion started to skyrocket, especially when mare owners realized he was throwing jumpers and dressage horses.

He has been described by people who know him as a kind and intelligent stallion eager to please and careful with handlers. His offspring are collectively considered quite intelligent and very oriented to be around people.


Inspirant’s dam, Havanna, was born in Westfalen & founded her own mare-line within the Oldenburg Studbook. Having successfully competed to M Dressage herself before commencing her breeding career, she produced highly graded mares. One such particularly outstanding mare was Havarie, who herself produced several Vechta-Elite-Auction horses. Havanna’s daughter Havanna II was a State Premium mare & the dam of the graded stallion Ultrafurst.

Inspirant’s dam line also shows a high percentage of Hanoverian blood from the traditional Stallion Station Altenbruch. His dam-sire Hanseat, a black stallion, was bred there & he is closely related to the superb Jumping Sire Domspatz via his dam’s lineage.


When Inspirant covered in Oldenburg he sired amongst others the very successful jumping mare Ziska, who herself produced one of the highest priced horses of the PSI Auction in 1986.


Marduc the great Sire of Insiration’s dam was a 1977 Gray 1.71m Trakehner.


One of the best Trakehner stallions for dressage by Halali (Trak.) out of Madeira II (Trak.) Marduc is widely considered to be one of the most important Trakehner stallions of today, having previously been ranked the highest Trakehner dressage sire in the world with a very impressive Dressage Index of 155. He was schooled to the Grand Prix Level and was awarded Elite status in 1995 for his breeding record.


Irrwisch’s dam Phantasia (OLD)



Phantasia was sired by Nariston owned by the Schridde Family in Germany. Whilst he himself only competed to M level prior to retiring to stud his thoroughbred sire Narew produced numerous Z level show jumping progeny.


Nerew’s sire Athenagoras, A multiple stakes winner, was named Horse of the year in Germany – during a career which earned him almost $ 2 million ( dollars, not DM) – and he ranks among the leading sires of race horses in that country. His offspring include the German Champion Indica, and two –time German Champion Schwarz –Grun.


As is frequently the case with leading sires, Athenagoras is no less influential on the sport horse side. He is represented in the Holsteiner studbook by Niclas xx, whose dan, Nathia, is daughter of Athengoras. Nathia also produced the Celle- licensed stallion, Natiello xx, who finished 2nd in the German Derby. The Hanoverians also feel Athenagoras’ influence through his son Waldstar xx, and throught the ex-Celle State stallion, Tannenhain (now in Canada)


The Trakehner stallion, Finley M, is also out of a Athenagoras daughter, Fora xx, who is regarded as one of the best Thoroughbred mares in the Trakehner breed, scoring a 10.0 for elasticity of paces and length of stride. After a successful career as a racehorse, Fora was runner up at the mare performance test in Hanover in 1987. Finley M was the Champion Stallion of the Trakehner approvals in 1992 and recieved a special award for best true-to-type stallion. Following the approvals he was sold at auction for DM 310,000 – the second highest price ever in the 30 years of Trakehner stallion sales.


The Athenagoras son, Narew xx, is licensed by the Oldenburg, Trakehner, Hanoverian, Hessen and Mecklenburg studbooks. After a successful racing career, Narew became one of the few Thoroughbred stallions to complete the stalion preformance test, earning 125 points in his Performance Class I in Medingen, with a perfect 10 for his canter. Narew xx has sired three approved sons, including Nagano (two-time German Showjumping Championship finalist and sales topper of the PSI auction in 1996 at DM 1 Million), and Oldenburg licensed stallions, Nurejew and Nariston.


Athenagoras’ dam, Avenida, is a daughter of Neckar, who is probably best known as the sire of Vollkorn xx (who produced the important sport horse sire, Volturno) and Waidmannsdank (dam sire of Goldstern, Akzent I and Akzent II), but he is also the dam sire of Angelo xx ( Angelo sired Olympic Gold Medalist, Ahlerich, and is dam sire of the modern dressage wonder, Rubenstein), and Federgeist xx (sire of Robert Dover’s Olympic partner, Federleicht), and the Oldenburg & Westphalian licensed, Lenz xx. Neckar’s sire, Ticino xx, also sired Waldenser xx (sire of Wahnfried) and Nizam xx (sire of Sherry, evening Team Gold Medalist in Seoul, and dam sire of the Dutch jumping sire, Jasper, who produced Peter Leone’s Olympic show jumping pertner Crown Royal Legato )



mareNaristons dam Gerinde is by the international jumper Granit (by Goldfalk) and out of the famous international mare Andorra ( by Agram) – She unbeatable during her career ridden by Manfred Kloes.


Nariston’s dam’s sire Granit (Hann) represents the old Hanoverian Goldsehaum xx line, carried on through the foundation sire Goldfisch II. Granit went on to produce 33 approved sons , 34 St. Pr Mares and 3 of his showjumping progeny to the Olympic GamesGrande Giso ( Holland) , Grande (USA) and Gute Sitte ( Belgium)




Galapagos with Gabriella Grillo represented Germany at the 1982 World Championships, and was one of the first stars of the “new” class, Freestyle Dressage to Music. Grandeur (Gralsritter) won over a million Deutschmarks in a spectacular showjumping career, and since then has proven himself as a superior sire.


Grande’s son Graphit sired winners of over almost two million DM and sired one of the most important jumping stallions of them all, Grannus.


Grande’s son, Garibaldi II sired the American dressage star Gifted who carried Carol Lavell to a team bronze at the 1992 Games and placed 4th individially. Garibaldi II died at the age of only 14 which was a great loss.


Grunnox (by Gruewald) was another top dressage horse, this time with Monica Theodorescu, and together they were members of the 1992 Gold Medal team in Barcelona.


Gerlinde produced the famous Lauriston ridden by Jos Lansink.


Lauriston himself went on to sire many world class horses such as “ Catapult” ridden by Billy Twomey and Micheal Whitaker and the Grand Prix horse “Promise Me”. He was the winner of the German 6 year old jumping Championships in 1992 with the record score of 9.7 for style and scope. Bred by Paul Schockemohle, he was purchased by the Bolvorm Stable, Holland, for 2 million DM in 1992. Under the name of Bolvorm’s Lauriston he continued his National and International career ridden by Jos Lansink and Ben Schroder, winning in Modena and Waterloo.














Lauriston sired 10 International horses from his first Dutch crop of foals. Amongst these Catapult ( Billy Twomey and Michael Whitaker) and Promise Me the new Grand Prix horse of Ian Miller (Can) Peter Wilde won the Dutch Jumping Derby at Valkenswaard on Lauriston jr. Rob Ehrens rode the mare Silanda successfully at international level under Annabel, her 7 year old daughter Oceline is now with Jeroen Dubbeldam. Both Promise Me (Toronto) and Lauriston jr (Verona) have won World Cup points during last Autumn and were in the prizes at Calgary. An amazing feat for any stallion to produce 2 World Cup horses in one year, even more so as Lauriston only had a fraction of the mares his contempories have covered. Lausana and Liberty Life 2 were born in Germany prior to the export of Lauriston and are jumping for Spain and Germany. Lausanna is also jumping World Cups and was reserve during the World Equestrian Games in Jerez for the Spanish Team. Laceful Z competed at the 2003 European Championshops with Miranda de Neto. Lassandro and Nairobi are the latest additions to Lauriston’s international offspring.

The Zangersheide stallion Quick Lauro Z is out of a daughter of Lauriston, so are Drossage ( Drossan x Lauriston), Highness (Royal Bravour x Lauriston), Oceline ( Celano x Lauriston).

Not only does he throw show jumpers of the highest possible quality, he has also produced very exciting event and dressage prospects. James won The British Novice Eventing Championship atGatcombe 2003 and Olympic Dressage rider Kirsty Mepham has high hopes of her latest Grand Prix ride Flyaway Mathere.

During the international Stallion Show at Zwolle in Holland Lauriston was presented with the honary titles of ‘ Elite Performance Stallion’


International show jumpers by Lauriston so far:

Promise MeIan Millar

Lauriston Peter Wild / Sheila Burke

Lausanna - Luis Jesus Escobar Jimenez

Laceful Z Oleg Krasyuk

Liberty Life II Carsten Otto Nagel

Laurienta - Niels Nanning


NairobiBen Schroder

Catapult Billy Twomey / Michael Whitaker

Annabel Rob Ehrens

Largus - Geoff Billington

Agrovorm’s PaddingtonJos Lansink

Volvo’s Santiago Henri Stegeman

Nicholson - Axel Verlooy

Mumbo Cindy Perdaen

Below Classictopnotch ( by Nariston), NHS Sport Yearling 2005 Hunter Champion at RC Berkshire and many other Championships.

phantasia fam

Phantasia’s dam Panachee was sired by the Hanoverian dressage sire Philippo, despite being predominantly of jumping bloodlines, with an index of 131.45 points was ranked 4th out of 53 stallions at his stallion testing, was shown successfully to level Z dressage. Philippo, showed to the very top levels of dressage in Europe and goes back to the legendary Hanoverian stallion Wendekreis.

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                              Irrwisch GF 's breeders

 Irrwisch info




Irrwisch's sire : Inspiration GF


Irrwisch's Dam : Phantasia



 Irrwisch's filly : Iris (Click on Pick)

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 Irrwisch's colt : Far Hills Puintado Itorian (Click on Pick)



Contact Details

Audrey Moolman - Stud Owner & Manager
Cell:  084 941 1330